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Monster Drawing Rally PDX 2019

Monster Drawing Rally V

PORTLAND ART MUSEUM , July 12, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm FREE to attend!

Peep the Deets here!

There we are riiiiiiiight there. Proof. Evidence? Alibi.

The Museum’s popular Monster Drawing Rally returns for a fifth year (2019) of drawing under the summer stars! MDR is a drawing event and fundraiser featuring nearly 100 Portland-based artists. Part performance, part laboratory, part art bazaar, the Monster Drawing Rally is an incredible opportunity to watch some of your favorite Portland artists create original drawings from a blank page.

The event begins promptly at 5:30 p.m. in the Museum’s courtyard with a one hour Young Artists drawing round specifically showcasing local artists 17 and under, and is followed by three one-hour rounds that each feature approximately 25 different artists drawing simultaneously.

As drawings are completed, they are immediately made available for a flat price of $35 each. If more than one person wants to purchase a particular work, the winner will be determined by drawing straws.

Proceeds support free school and youth programs at the Museum.

Bring the Family!

Stop by the L’il Drawing Rally an area where kids and families are encouraged to sit down and draw.

We am in the 8 pm – 9 pm Drawing Round, the final of the evening. The Headliner Slot, we are going to pretend and not the Janitorial Slot, like all of you are imaging. Imagination is a good thing. BUT we will be there early and from the beginning to the end to soak up the pan dripping and baste in the flavorful offerings to better spice our collective living. Come by and “hang”, as the “kids” are “saying”.