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Process Prints Cont’d 2023

Hey, man. What’s happening? Cool. Cool. I hear that. Right. Mmm hmmm. Yeah, same here.

So, we have been posting PROCESS sets, original sketch material and the parts and pieces we created to make certain pieces, offered along with a resultant print.

These items will be posted in our POSTERS area, subsection PROCESS +. For some collectors, owning any original concept sketches relating to a particular piece has its own appeal and to thems the point.

Part of the deal with a lot of our “Original Art” is that it isn’t pretty. It isn’t complete line art like some folks create to make their prints. Most often these packages will consist of many sketches and doodles, rendered portions of line arts we may have cobbled together to make the end product. The photos in each presentation will be pretty self evident. Close inspection will answer most of your questions but if have additional, feel free to write and ask. Everything will signed.

Several offerings here have sold out already.

There will be more of these process packages coming soon if you have any interest.

There will be more of these offerings but not MUCH more, as these final items, of final editions, will be gone from here for good and will only be available somewhere aftermarket. We are literally down to the last one, two or even three of so many of our prints, almost all of these prints are making their final appearance here as part of this process offering when applicable.

As always, if there is anything in particular that you are looking for, please do ask.

Thanks for Hanging Out for these few minutes.


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Needs Wants Finds, now is a Good Time

Hey, so listen. Right now is a good time for asking if you are looking for ANYthing that we might have released over the last…………..20 years. We can give mostly quick answers for almost anything as we have just done some cleaning and organizing and some whittling of storage and some fiddling with stacks.

Just a heads up if there was ever something you have been looking for, we would at least know if we had seen it recently. Don’t be shy! Don’t be in a rush, but Don’t be Shy!



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Holiday 2023 Shipping and Orders!!

Hi. You look lovely today, if you don’t mind our mentioning.

ANYway. So, our yearly ordering/shipping is probably done for the year as it pertains to “Arriving by EX-mas”. There might be some exceptions to the rule but as your own rule, perhaps don’t count upon items being shipped and arriving pre-celebration. Do feel free to order, of course. That part is still an option, but the rest is as above.

SO as always, relax. Keep everything in perspective. Treat yourselves nicely, and treat others with patience and a degree of understanding that facilitates everyone staying out of jail, both physically and emotionally.

Do the dishes and make the bed. You will appreciate it later.


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My Morning Jacket Chicago Triptych Poster Project 2023

SOLD OUT! Thanks to all of our customers, old and new, real and imagined.

BUT: As of Nov 17, fully 100% of all orders have shipped! Now we chill for a bit, and then right back to it when we figure out where we set down our tape gun. Relax and stay tuned for your own personal update. Tracking # is available upon request. Just give us a heads up and a little time to scroll. Thank you.

One of the Multiverse of Madness things about our customers (that’s you, presumably) is that we don’t raise gluttons to the poster print feed. We try to offer reasonable prices for reasonable folks and each time we find that folks don’t take advantage over taking just what they need. It’s a good thing. It’s part of why we don’t do ‘drops’ but rather use our Mailing List for what it’s for. If you get the email, then you are interested to one degree or another, and we always invite folks to unsubscribe at the slightest inclination. You got enough stuff coming at you every day.

Clint “The Baron of Berkeley, Kid Vegas, The Trainrober” Reno and Myself had a bonding and a blending, wrapped together in the peaceful easy My Morning Jacket cocoon for a couple of weeks to produce a Towering Triptych for Three Nights in Chicago Nov. 9, 10, 11, 2023. From the River to the Rails, from the Lake to the Sea of Stars, Chicago towers in scope and scale like a My Morning Jacket three night stand in the City of Broad Shoulders, a “city with lifted head singing so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning.” – Carl Sandburg, in part.

We are very happy to have provided these prints for the Jackets as both Clint Reno and myself have worked with them for many years, going back to their very most formative years. We appreciate their continued interest in our continued cooperative endeavor as you can imagine. This project was out of control for the two of us, but we concocted this groovy system that worked well for us to combine and swirl ourselves together and in the time allowed it really did a thing. Lot’s of hours to figure it out, lot’s of hours to get it done, and a fun as heck capper to a season of show prints for the My Morning Jackets.

There are two options of these prints.

One option is a print on Natural Cougar stock, and the other option is a print on Moon Lava Foil stock.


There are other recently release poster prints at attractive prices available on our website….And ALSO…

MY MORNING JACKET STANDOs by GUYBURWELL Official and Direct from the Band!

If we can get these sold for the guys and for the fans and for the Holidays, we can come back and make some more in future designs! Help us help them to help you get some MY MORNING JACKET STANDOs from GUYBURWELL into your home, onto your shelf and thus into your hearts. See our post link above for more pics!

“Custom 5″ tall paper figurines printed on heavy acid-free paper stock, die cut with a handy stand for each member, plus Pooch & Denise!

Get your order in  shortly! Great Gifts, Stuffing Sized for Stockings. Stocking sized for Stuffers? Get up, get down, and get yourself some kinda fun!

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My Morning Jacket STANDOs Officiale!

If you can find there available any longer, take a look around. Due to a garbled sub-space transmission, the Old Official Outlet disappeared into ‘the ether’, as is too common these days.

They are still very attractive, hearty and All of the Fun!

“Custom 5″ tall paper figurines printed on heavy acid-free paper stock, die cut with a handy stand for each member, plus Pooch & Denise!

Bring My Morning Jacket into your home for the Holidays – MMJ live and ‘in person’ every day!”

Colorful, Tasteful, Musical, Fanciful, Attractive, Reasonable, Appealing!