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Our Process + Promotion

Hi. Is that a new shirt? Oh, really? Interesting.

ANYway, we are going to be posting some New Old Items now and again in an effort to move some of the things that we have here over to your place. Cool?

ANYway, so what it is going to be is sets of process art, original sketch material and the parts and pieces we created to make certain pieces offered along with a resultant print created from that material. You get it? You get it. These items will be posted in our POSTERS area with the designation PROCESS +.

Several offerings here have sold out already so they aren’t visible in our SHOP.

We have offered some of this material at past poster and art shows, and some hasn’t ever seen the “light” of “day”, such as it is. For some collectors, the idea of owning all of any existing original concept sketches relating to a particular piece will be it’s own appeal and to those folks this is exactly the offered point.

Part of the deal with a lot of our “Original Art” is that it isn’t pretty. It isn’t complete line art like some folks create to make their prints. Most often these packages will consist of many sketches and doodles, rendered portions of line arts we may have cobbled together to make the end product. The photos we will offer with each presentation will be pretty self evident. Close inspection will answer most of your questions but if there are questions, feel free to write and ask further questions. The appeal will be instantly evident to some, nebulous to others.

We won’t make grand claims but we will make affordable and interesting offerings; each for a limited time.

Stay tuned! Stay cool.


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Groove Set / Foil + Special for 2023

Hi, how you doon? Oh, good. That’s good to hear. ANYway…

Just for fun, we are making various custom sets of poster packages in the coming weeks and months. VERY very and very few of any set we put together. See the item details in the store for images and notes if there are any questions. It’s a FIRST at GB.c so let’s see if it Sparkles with Y’all.

Like STARTER KITS we imagine these sets as Samplers for Beginning Collectors. That sort of thing.

Instead of Mystery Tubes, we would like to offer Obvious Tubes, when the opportunity arises, so also think of it like that.

Our FIRST set is as listed below! Two offerings have sold out right away. In most cases, most of the prints offered in these sets are the very last available prints of the design. Stay tuned for Rarity Paks coming along as well as we curate older prints into totally unique sets for one time offers.

THE GROOVE FOIL+ set, 2023

• UMPHREY’S McGEE PDX REG Bonus Bug A/P ed. (Studio FInals)

TWO FOILS and TWO regular stock prints in the Flavor of Groove. These would definitely satisfy the taste of a variety of Crunchy Critters. Pass it along.

We always try to include Bonus Materials as many might tell you.

These kinds of sets FILL a tube, so any ADDED ITEMS to any purchase will be followed by a note to the customer regarding very possible ADDITIONAL SHIPPING, depending. Just a heads up.

All prints above will be doodled, too, for the enjoyment of everyone!

Stay Tuned for for more stuff as we are inspired.


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Happy New Year / New Stuff

Good morning! Just a note to say Happy New Year and Thanks for all of the support over the last…interesting…year. Let’s hope the interesting things about THIS year are not the interesting things about last year.

Stay tuned for some new works in new directions in the coming months.

In the meantime we have precious few STANDOs left from our first round of editions as well as CALENDARS (Perpetual in nature and good ANY year, EVERY year, and suitable for purchase at any time). Poster are also dwindling, which is a good thing, and they can always use your aid in dispersal hither and thither.

We are trying to package and process some of our Archival Stock into Sets to facilitate them away from us and closer towards you with the goal of bettering all of our lives.

As usual IF there is something that you are looking for that isn’t “Perl Jahm” (we don’t have any) please do write and ask about it. We are usually happy to replay in as timely a fashion as is possible and we don’t even mind reminders.

Thanks again as always and, again, Happy New Year!


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Prints Sale Priced / Funds Raiser

Hello. Just for fun, we are SALE PRICING some of our latest and a few older prints in the hopes of moving them away from here and into new homes (your homes).

Each tube item that goes out will be Doodled whether you like it or not, and each tube will include at least one piece of hand rendered original unique and wholly genuine arts. SO that is more fun for the experience.

We were going to have a site-wide sale until we noticed that almost everything we have is very well priced to move already. In fact, there are some downright bargain bargains lingering on a regular basis. Take a look. As always, if there is something that you don’t see that you are after, please do inquire. We probably don’t have “that print” from fifteen years ago but we might have something else. Give it a shot.

This sale will last for a spell and then will expire. We might be able to hold it out through to pre-Christmas depending but as always, don’t bother waiting as it won’t get any better than now! Probably.

As always, thanks!