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2021 NEW, like, STUFF! OMG. etc…

Holy Cow. You probably haven’t noticed but the World is Crazy. Good Ways and Bad Ways and every other way in the middle. It’s constant. Get used to it.

ANYWAY, you might have also noticed that there are a bit fewer live crowd attended concerts lately. Normally,  we would do a few posters for music concerts throughout the year and lately there have been fewer concerts, so fewer posters, so less concert related arts overall.


We have as  Art Project coming up pretty soon…fairly soon…that will help a few interested parties to bridge in part that gap between what we have and what has been missing. So stay tuned, if you like, and pretty soon…fairly soon…we will have another announcement or two and culminate in a lovely experience for everyone involved.

Can’t ask for too much more than that, right? Right.

Thanks, and as always, Be Cool.


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DANCING QUEENS STICKO Pak • 5 plus a Beauty!

Take them to your place. Give them names! Call them names! They’re your real friends, anyway. You can see just what they are full of!

Make any Drab Hab Fab!

Collect every sIngle one! Make a chart! Tell your friends! Slyly coerce them into the racket and then manipulate them against each other as you inexorably complete your collection! It’s just like real life.

STICKO Bots. They love you.


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FOLKS STICKOS set • The BAND with +1

Hey! How’s it going? Well, we know how it’s going, mostly. Oy.

Just a new little thing for folks, we have some FOLKS. Many folks have written lately looking for the art prints on paper and wood of these figures and as we don’t reprint art prints we are able to make some nice quality stickers. A small offering of fun.

FOLKS are an ongoing series of arts in form figure that started back in 2010 (or before) and featured three art shows and various art prints, wooden stand up figures in the modes of everyday Italians, titled by MALLEUS art group, our JAZZ batch 1, and THE BAND, man. More to come! These figures are here in STICKO format. 5″ tall quality stickers in a group of 5 and like the original presentation, the 6th figure is a complimentary bonus, while they last. It’s THE BAND if, man.

SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IF you pay attention to the STICKO SHIPPING OPTION when you check out. It’s there, just take a look at everything first. Slow down, man. Like, take it easy. It’s cool. Relax. Groovy.


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We provided new poster art for this important event(s). Available through Pre-Order.

IT LOOKS LIKE THEY MAY HAVE SOLD OUT OF THESE PRINTS. Inquire at the HELLO MERCH website with any questions or issues.


Every venue across the country and around the entire globe is facing the harshest conditions regarding their very survival that the history of mankind has ever experienced. It’s easy to think that his is hyperbole but it’s simple fact. We hope our efforts here can help even the smallest amount towards the benefit of all of the venues, bands, promoters, bartenders, doormen, maintenance staff, poster artists, and everyone who’s life has been crushed flat by this global event, the likes of which have never been experienced. It’s been a long delayed burn within our home and studio, coming to grips with the full impact of this pandemic. It’s still still burning of course, and the end isn’t near, but we have great hopes for everyone. This little effort of ours, combined with others’ efforts, intends to build on this first step, these first stages on behalf of ALL stages, to provide some relief.

If any of you are local Portlanders, and you purchase a poster print, once you receive yours we would be HAPPY to make arrangements to sign your poster prints here in Portland. Drop us a line when the time comes: subject PORTUGAL the POSTER.

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DonBot 45 Stickos for you!

This guy. Oy gevalt!

Portland own Infamous PECULIARIUM is offering some STICKO sets featuring a selection of designs from our DonBot45 “The Best Words” collection. Purchasing Stickos heals the World from the onslaught of Dum consistantly being foisted upon us by the Dimtellectual In Chief. Support who you want. Believe what you want, but there is little room for doubt about the Dumald as the evidumce is made clear each and every day.

Purchasing STICKOs also supports the ongoing efforts to Keep Earth Peculiar via THE PECULIARIUM and all of their efforts. Helps us help you help us to help them help you and us and themselves. It’s just that simple.

DonBot45 STICKOs are HERE.

More to come. Stay tuned!