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Well sorry about that fiasco. The second that we started to activate our posters in our store the traffic froze the whole thing up solid. We couldn’t make an email annoucement about posters that we couldn’t post, and barely managed to activate the two regular edition prints. Thankfully it made a pair and that is a weird blessing.

We don’t know how any customers actually managed to check out. We couldn’t get inside the site at all from the back end or the front end so thanks for everyone who bravely succeeded. And also thanks to all the people who wrote nasty notes and the ones who wrote really nice ones cuz there was both and we thank everyone for being passionate. Doug., the actual maestro of this whole experience, poised to post his posters just like ours wasn’t even able to post his before the experience overwhelmed his site too, so…tune into for an announcements and also a fresh batch of prints just waiting for your greasy hot dog juice fingers.

Clinton’s site is still down. SO kick back and stretch your sack and give it room to relax back into shape and between the three of us, grooves will form, dig? Dig.

But give him a break and let his site relax before you stomp it to death again.

SOrry for the heartbreak but DAMN what a messed up day and also a great day.


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SO anyway, you might have heard that we were involved in a little shenanigans recently where we teamed up with, or rather, were invited to team up with, the effervescent Clinton Reno for a pair of rock poster prints to celebrate and commiserate the My Morning Jacket shows at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado, United State of etc…

SO anyway, you might have heard that we were involved in a little shenanigans recently where we teamed up with, or rather, were invited to team up with, the effervescent Clinton Reno for a pair of rock poster prints to celebrate and commiserate the My Morning Jacket shows at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado, United State of etc…

In the standard way, as some of you might be accustomed to, we will have a few of these prints available for purchase in the coming days right here on our “website”, as the kids are calling them. Folks who are signed up for our “Mailing List” will be “Notified” of this “Far Out Happening” and enticed to dig the related scene such as it is and ever shall be, Hail the Sphere.

We DON’T usually give a date ahead of time because EVERY time we do, the traffic kills our ability to actually activate them items as kind folks refresh their browser over and over and we can’t get in even with our updated server. And that is no fun. SO we say “AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!” and that is that. Anarchy for some, joy for some. Balance.

ALSO in the usual manner as it relates to our happenings here at, once the operations are in action, please and hereby be officially notified:

• We ship orders as quickly as is reasonable to our other schedules that are ongoing. Formally we say 7-21 days for orders to leave our main base of operations so just relax. If you can’t do the time, don’t order the crime.

• We are an artist who occasionally ship prints, NOT a mail order company who occasionally makes art. Dig the diff.

THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR INTEREST, of course. Relax. Take off your shoes. Maybe leave them on until you get home. Ok, fine.

Stay Tuned to the Mailing List. Our first message will be this here message.


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Monster Drawing Rally PDX 2019

Monster Drawing Rally V

PORTLAND ART MUSEUM , July 12, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm FREE to attend!

Peep the Deets here!

There we are riiiiiiiight there. Proof. Evidence? Alibi.

The Museum’s popular Monster Drawing Rally returns for a fifth year (2019) of drawing under the summer stars! MDR is a drawing event and fundraiser featuring nearly 100 Portland-based artists. Part performance, part laboratory, part art bazaar, the Monster Drawing Rally is an incredible opportunity to watch some of your favorite Portland artists create original drawings from a blank page.

The event begins promptly at 5:30 p.m. in the Museum’s courtyard with a one hour Young Artists drawing round specifically showcasing local artists 17 and under, and is followed by three one-hour rounds that each feature approximately 25 different artists drawing simultaneously.

As drawings are completed, they are immediately made available for a flat price of $35 each. If more than one person wants to purchase a particular work, the winner will be determined by drawing straws.

Proceeds support free school and youth programs at the Museum.

Bring the Family!

Stop by the L’il Drawing Rally an area where kids and families are encouraged to sit down and draw.

We am in the 8 pm – 9 pm Drawing Round, the final of the evening. The Headliner Slot, we are going to pretend and not the Janitorial Slot, like all of you are imaging. Imagination is a good thing. BUT we will be there early and from the beginning to the end to soak up the pan dripping and baste in the flavorful offerings to better spice our collective living. Come by and “hang”, as the “kids” are “saying”.

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Hello. It’s been awhile since our last update. We have been busy…and not busy. So it’s time for a round of updates! Grab a coffee and read through. It goes quick.

NEW & ALMOST NEW PRINTS AVAILABLE and coming soon: details below


NINE INCH NAILS LOS ANGELES 2018 ICICLE FOIL MICRO EDITION • Historically we haven’t really been a part of the Variant Experience but lately we have had a few editions at the request of our musical clients. Our final edition for Nine Inch Nails has this one last tidbit. An edition on ICICLE FOIL in a tiny edition of only 7 prints. This foil stock is very thick and hearty. Signed and Numbered and doodled on the reverse.

MY MORNING JACKET Retro REPRINT • Late last year, My Morning Jacket requested a small limited edition of an Archived Print to be reproduced as a sort of anniversary of sorts. Our print is our 2005 Portland show with Saul Williams and it was offered online through We have a few left of our small edition available here. The Original archived art files were used for this print, reprinted in our modern inks with an updated tagline so as not to confused between new and old edition as is only fair. S/N, doodled edition.

The POSIES ACOUSTIC TOUR • Very Last Few • We love Power Pop music and we love Smart Lyrics. Put those together and mixed into the tip top of the creamy froth is The Posies. We were thrilled to be asked to do a small edition of prints for Ken and Jon as they made their way across the “United” States on this electro-acoustic duo tour. Great intimate tour dates were witnessed by the blessed folks who attended and our edition sold out along the way. We have about six of these prints here for sale. They look great in homes, on walls in living rooms of fans of Posies and Pop music. It’s the kind of print and the kind of band that there are too few of to satisfy the needs.

Welcome to ROCKVILLE 2019 TOOL/ZOMBIE/KORN & More •  This year, we have two Festival Prints. Welcome to Rockville, Jacksonville, FL, 2019, featuring the first stop on TOOL’s anticipated 2019 return to touring, as well as kool stuff like Rob Zombie and Korn and a who is who of the world of art shock and darkternative groove blisters.

SONIC TEMPLE 2019 FOO FIGHTERS & Many More • Our second festival offering goes off this weekend and is the infamous Sonic Temple Festival in Columbus, OH, featuring FOO FIGHTERS and System of a Down, Joan Jett / Blackhearts, The Cult, The Hives and many more. We can’t preview the image yet but check in just after the first show date May 17 and check it out. We definitely offered a Sonic Temple. Consider one or the other of these two Festival Offerings or stay tuned for a Two-Fer package of these prints next week after the Sonic Temple lowers it’s curtain.

SHIPPING will be attended to ASAP as usual. Stay calm.  If you can’t wait, consider ordering at a later date. Rap!

ARCHIVED PRINTS Another thing we did when rebuilding our site was to make a designation for the many prints we have that are extremely low in quantity remaining or in many cases the last one or two prints we still have of a particular design. Take a look through this section of our STORE to see what is what and what is left of what is left.