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We provided new poster art for this important event(s). Available through Pre-Order.

IT LOOKS LIKE THEY MAY HAVE SOLD OUT OF THESE PRINTS. Inquire at the HELLO MERCH website with any questions or issues.


Every venue across the country and around the entire globe is facing the harshest conditions regarding their very survival that the history of mankind has ever experienced. It’s easy to think that his is hyperbole but it’s simple fact. We hope our efforts here can help even the smallest amount towards the benefit of all of the venues, bands, promoters, bartenders, doormen, maintenance staff, poster artists, and everyone who’s life has been crushed flat by this global event, the likes of which have never been experienced. It’s been a long delayed burn within our home and studio, coming to grips with the full impact of this pandemic. It’s still still burning of course, and the end isn’t near, but we have great hopes for everyone. This little effort of ours, combined with others’ efforts, intends to build on this first step, these first stages on behalf of ALL stages, to provide some relief.

If any of you are local Portlanders, and you purchase a poster print, once you receive yours we would be HAPPY to make arrangements to sign your poster prints here in Portland. Drop us a line when the time comes: subject PORTUGAL the POSTER.

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SO you might have noticed there is something happening here, and what it is ain’t exactly……obvious. That is a bit of humor paraphrased from Walk Hard, of course. What is happening here is very clear. We all know it.

Just a note like all of the other notes from all of the other places you have visited or whose Mailing List you might be on, we encourage everyone to do everything that is needed to be safe and sound in the face of this GLOBAL EVENT.

We can say it simply, and it really isn’t up for debate no matter your feelings on the issue. A Virus doesn’t care about your politics or religion. It doesn’t care about where you live or who you know. Communicable means just that. There is no argument or counter reasoning that anyone can apply that changes this. Wear a mask. Inhibit the path that the virus takes between us. Viruses and bacteria vastly outweigh humanity like stars outweigh Elvises and they already claim the known world in dominant fashion. We remain in existence by the simple nature of our understanding of their nature which is not up for debate. It just isn’t. Wear a mask. Do your infinitesimal but crucial part in the play, and play it well. The whole world is watching. And if you quit, the play is over and we lose our entire investment most probably forever.

Nothing like this has ever been seen on Earth. Nothing like this has ever been experienced globally by the human race since the Second World War and there are places affected by this that weren’t touched by that Global Event. Keep that in mind. Folks in France and Norway and Montana and Argentina are all in the same boat. The world was turned off like a light switch and apart from the horror and tragedy that has affected hundreds of thousands of folks who have had to experience the sickness and death, and a great many of us experiencing joblessness and fear and another portion merely experiencing inconvenience on a variety of levels, as a whole, we are all handling this very well. Remember: sense trumps nonsense.

Thanks to anyone who visits here at looking at art. Thanks to anyone who orders any prints. We can all use a little dough but make sure that you have what YOU need first. There’s no questions about that. You first. We are doing some minor things for other folks with minor portions of what comes in because it’s already a part of our daily happenings as it was before this thing ever made itself into all of our lives.

We are all safe and clean here and if you have any doubts about your order being clean and safe in this experience, consider just letting your tube sit by itself for two weeks in a quarantine of it’s own and then open it when the safety period has passed. Easy enough.

We have been including a personalized piece of original art in every order just  to show that we think of each person who has taken us into their thoughts and confidence by making an order. We appreciate your appreciation of what we do and we appreciate that you have other things to consider in your own series of life events.

Stay safe. Stay cool. Be cool. Encourage coolness.


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tedeschi trucks band richmond va ’20

We have just produced the show prints for the Tedeschi Trucks Band performance in Richmond, VA. and it was a fun one to create. We thank the band for their invitation to provide these gigposters and hope any interested parties find interest in this party. Adventure, America, Virginia, exploration, discovery, heart, music, soul and the Blues. We tried to get it all in there, and the operation was a success.

We have a 311 print coming shortly and will wait and offer them both at the same time in case anyone would like both, with the shipping is on, like, a consolidated tip, dig? Dig.



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Well sorry about that fiasco. The second that we started to activate our posters in our store the traffic froze the whole thing up solid. We couldn’t make an email annoucement about posters that we couldn’t post, and barely managed to activate the two regular edition prints. Thankfully it made a pair and that is a weird blessing.

We don’t know how any customers actually managed to check out. We couldn’t get inside the site at all from the back end or the front end so thanks for everyone who bravely succeeded. And also thanks to all the people who wrote nasty notes and the ones who wrote really nice ones cuz there was both and we thank everyone for being passionate. Doug., the actual maestro of this whole experience, poised to post his posters just like ours wasn’t even able to post his before the experience overwhelmed his site too, so…tune into for an announcements and also a fresh batch of prints just waiting for your greasy hot dog juice fingers.

Clinton’s site is still down. SO kick back and stretch your sack and give it room to relax back into shape and between the three of us, grooves will form, dig? Dig.

But give him a break and let his site relax before you stomp it to death again.

SOrry for the heartbreak but DAMN what a messed up day and also a great day.