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NIN w/EMEK 2018 additions

IT’s been a bit quiet around here lately which is fine and dandy. No excitement means…no excitement. You know where excitement gets you? Excited, that’s where. And we all need a break.

BUT SO we have neglected to post a few poster items that have been lingering here in the background for a few months and so we made an effort to post them to our store.

There are a few items from the NIN NYC EMEK/BURWELL collaboration that hadn’t seen the light of day. The MOON LAVA FOIL edition of only 12 prints is probably the hilight but there are a few other items and you should read the details in the notes of each item as they are often similar but decidedly different to the observer. We can’t be held to blame for lack of ability to read properly. Reading is fundamental.

So take a look if you are inclined. Ask questions if you are inclined. Purchase if you are inclined.

We also posted a few of our very few remaining POSIES duo tour prints which are lovely. There were only two left so here they are.

Thanks for tuning in.


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Mmmmm not too much NEWS to relate at this juncture. We went from ZERO pending work, which was really nice to contemplate for the five minutes that it lasted to SEVEN solid projects all happening at once. There are posters and…posters, and sort of murals and magazines and interviews and posters and posters and even a poster or two in the works. SO stay tuned. 2019 is off to a weird start! Hooray for weirdos!!

Not you. Other weirdos.

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NINE INCH NAILS • Los Angeles • Hollywood Palladium • December 12, 2018:

There are /were a week’s worth of shows in LA at the Palladium in December of 2018 and we were but a bit of the action.

ALL orders have shipped. All is well. xo GB.c


NINE INCH NAILS PALLADIUM 2018  is available. Our fourth and final of the tour season for NIN is an expression of the mythos and madness of Hollywood. The web that secures, the passion that lures, the iris that mesmerizes, the meat that feeds and the machine that devours. As always, the fires that consume. A strange one from this end. There is a standard edition on 100 lb Cougar Natural, slick like delicious flesh in five colors. There is also an edition on glamorous Moon Lava Foil stock. The strangeness pervades. Just like life.

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New Prints / End of Year Thank You.

Hey. What’s up, man. Cool. Cool. So anyway…

We are done with almost all of our 2018 works. It feels good. It has been a long year with Ups and Sidwayses and Inverted Zero G loops but it has all worked out most alright. Thanks for all of the interest and attention and patronage. Thanks for everyone who send really nice feedback to us regarding service and operations and all of that. It’s really appreciated to hear that our Business is done well. No complaints that we know of. Lots of nice stuff said. Thanks. We do try to be…reasonable.

The Final Two Projects are definitely of interest to some folks and there they are:

NINE INCH NAILS • Los Angeles • Hollywood Palladium • December 12, 2018:
We will have to have you wait to see it, but it’s done and ready for the folks at the show. There are a week’s worth of shows in LA at the Palladium and we are but a bit of the action. Stay Tooned.

MY MORNING JACKET • Portland, OR • Nov 5, 2005 • Aladdin Theatre • Modern Retro RePrint Edition:
The Jacket Folk asked us to provide the arts for a reprint edition of a print for the Holliday Season, and we could only think of one image that people have asked for again and again over the several many years, The Portland Aladdin Theatre print. A very early part of our long working and fan fulfilled relationship with The Jackets.

Reborn in modern inks with modern methods, these prints won’t be confused with their much sought after First Editions, but serve very well as a new and available addition to collections. We hope you like them. Availability can be checked HERE!

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Dec 16 2018 • PDX Holiday Pop UP Shop

HOT DOG’s HOT DOGS! (we are a Hot Dogs)

Holiday Pop Up Shop Gift Sale. International Mega Marketing and Premium Item Extravaganza.

Global Super Stars Converge to Present the Latest and Greatest Most Desirable Offerings to Respected Hashtags.

December 16, 2018. Showtime is 5 pm until 9 pm. Only the finest in Nighttime Hours.

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New Latest. Newest. Latest.

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HOT DOG’s HOT DOGS! (we are a Hot Dogs)