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tedeschi trucks band richmond va ’20

We have just produced the show prints for the Tedeschi Trucks Band performance in Richmond, VA. and it was a fun one to create. We thank the band for their invitation to provide these gigposters and hope any interested parties find interest in this party. Adventure, America, Virginia, exploration, discovery, heart, music, soul and the Blues. We tried to get it all in there, and the operation was a success.

We have a 311 print coming shortly and will wait and offer them both at the same time in case anyone would like both, with the shipping is on, like, a consolidated tip, dig? Dig.



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Trey Anastasio Acoustic Carnegie Hall 2019

From their fingertips to your eyes. Or something like that. You get it.

For tonight’s show at the legendary Carnegie Hall, we wanted the poster to be especially elegant and classy. That’s exactly why I reached out to Guy Burwell. I find a lot of his illustrations to have a super cool stained glass type of aesthetic to them & his level of detail is impressive.
It was obvious throughout the whole process how much time & energy Guy was dedicating to this project. He sent me numerous, incredibly detailed sketches with different concept ideas, but ultimately, we were both very excited about this Tiffany Glass lamp concept.
The original Tiffany Studios was located just a few miles from Carnegie, so it seemed even more appropriate. As we dived deeper into the concept, I decided to provide Guy with the lyrics to ‘Pebbles And Marbles” – one of the few songs that initially debuted as a Trey solo song. He did an amazing job of incorporating some of the song’s imagery into the illustration. This poster is unbelievably gorgeous. The ink is so thick and stinky. I love it.”

These prints have some interesting qualities in person. Perhaps there are testimonies pro and maybe even con online that you can research. To each their own. So we will have more information on availability of some prints at a later date. Stay tuned!


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Melvins / Redd Kross 2019 PDX

Good morning. We haven’t kept up on our Posting in the last month or so and for that claim a degree of busitude. Bear with us.

Our recent efforts for the legendary Melvins and the equally legendary Redd Kross is now available in short supply. We will be making a spot for some Foil versions as well in the Shoppe, so check that out as well.

Glamour, glimmer and grindhouse glory all present in this one with subtle metallics and a sneaky background flare await you in this postcard kiss from the real Hollywood of imaginations.

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Well sorry about that fiasco. The second that we started to activate our posters in our store the traffic froze the whole thing up solid. We couldn’t make an email annoucement about posters that we couldn’t post, and barely managed to activate the two regular edition prints. Thankfully it made a pair and that is a weird blessing.

We don’t know how any customers actually managed to check out. We couldn’t get inside the site at all from the back end or the front end so thanks for everyone who bravely succeeded. And also thanks to all the people who wrote nasty notes and the ones who wrote really nice ones cuz there was both and we thank everyone for being passionate. Doug., the actual maestro of this whole experience, poised to post his posters just like ours wasn’t even able to post his before the experience overwhelmed his site too, so…tune into for an announcements and also a fresh batch of prints just waiting for your greasy hot dog juice fingers.

Clinton’s site is still down. SO kick back and stretch your sack and give it room to relax back into shape and between the three of us, grooves will form, dig? Dig.

But give him a break and let his site relax before you stomp it to death again.

SOrry for the heartbreak but DAMN what a messed up day and also a great day.