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Happy New Year / New Stuff

Good morning! Just a note to say Happy New Year and Thanks for all of the support over the last…interesting…year. Let’s hope the interesting things about THIS year are not the interesting things about last year.

Stay tuned for some new works in new directions in the coming months.

In the meantime we have precious few STANDOs left from our first round of editions as well as CALENDARS (Perpetual in nature and good ANY year, EVERY year, and suitable for purchase at any time). Poster are also dwindling, which is a good thing, and they can always use your aid in dispersal hither and thither.

We are trying to package and process some of our Archival Stock into Sets to facilitate them away from us and closer towards you with the goal of bettering all of our lives.

As usual IF there is something that you are looking for that isn’t “Perl Jahm” (we don’t have any) please do write and ask about it. We are usually happy to replay in as timely a fashion as is possible and we don’t even mind reminders.

Thanks again as always and, again, Happy New Year!


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STANDOs “Shelf-top Ensembles: COVER BANDS” a 2022 Online Art Show Exclusive for

TWO NEW ADDITIONS in 2022 to STANDOs: “Shelf-top Ensembles” our ongoing Online Art Show! (see below)


FYI • If Stock Runs Out, more will be coming. Hang in there OR feel free to send us a request to be notified when stock has returned. We can certainly hold a certain number for a certain number of requests.

For that Live Band experience when you can’t have the Real Thing. On your shelf next to the speaker. presents STANDOs “Shelf-top Ensembles: COVER BANDS” a 2021 Online Art Show Exclusive for Mailing List subscribers and their +1’s. Right this way, we have a table waiting down front.

While not the Real Thing, these STANDOs “Shelf-top Ensembles: COVER BANDS” give forth with the genuine baloney as soon as you drop the needle on a record. Even an expert couldn’t tell them apart. We asked! Trust us.

Eight  Separate Sets of top quality Paper Craft set the literal stage for a return of Live Music right to your home.

Plug In and Set Up is the way to get your concert going with these top quality paper products features all of the horns and axes and stacks and amps and keys and rigs required to get through these gigs.

• For Jammin’, we got the the stuff that feeds the Soul: PHOOD!

• To stoke that Burning Heart, we have Deep Red Belle, the sultriest siren from the PNW.

• Punk, we got the punks of the century, The Customers!

• Pop, we got the pop that started the pop with power, El Goodo!

• Jazz, we got the jazz from the soul where the moanin’ come up from, The Messengers!

• Electro, we got the electronic fountain of the youth straight from the source, Blue Mondays!

• The Cool, we got the cool that started with a breeze then turns warm like a fire, Paul and Hall: Two Blue 4 U!

• Mr. Mystery…is a mystery figure, rarely seen but sure to cause a Scream. Keep your ears and eyes open and your wits about you!

Six Inch Paper Craft figures with stands included in Limited Edition Sets only in this Online Art Show Exclusive. STANDOs “Shelf-top Ensembles: COVER BANDS”

Limited Editions of each set will be hand marked.

Note: We anticipate some moderately extended period of packing and shipping so IF you would like to make a purchase from this show, please do so, and then relax and do some other things while you wait for your items to be delivered in fine and mellow fashion. We would like everything to go smoothly just as they have for the last year or so. No muss no fuss, and no real hurry to get anywhere. That is how we will all make it safely through to the wild chaos that is sure to follow. Making certain everything gets off and out to you will take a little easy time.

Questions can be answered. Subject STANDOS QUERY from (Your Name Here).

Start your journey back out into the world knowing that while we still can’t entirely enjoy a full fledged live music out in the world, when we come home there is a Shelf-top Ensemble: Cover Band waiting to play you just the tune you need to make every groove a smooth one.

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Perpetual Calendars! Now Available.

ANYway, so we have never had Calendars available though we have often been asked to provide some Calendars.

NOW we have Calendars! And Perpetual Calendars to boot!

As part of our Continuing 2021 Post(ish) Covid Era Alternative Product Art Show, we present Perpetual Calendars!

All Pre Orders have been filled and Shipped! Calendars now in stock in limited quantities but available now. More to come.

NO GUARANTEES of anything being delivered in time for CHRISTMAS considering the state of the World. We try our best in every way, of course. Order now, delivered soon while current supplies last.

Perpetual Calendars are good for Any Year and Every Year! That doesn’t mean you won’t want another design next year as our Calendars are Very Nice and hardy items. Thick Luxury Linen stock takes a nice pencil note for special events and also take a nice erasing for repeated use. Perpetual Calendars can also be purchased at any point in the year as they continue to be relevant past arbitrary systems like specific days and numbers and stuff. Much more fun for you.

We didn’t want to make disposable use items. We don’t care for that sort of thing, ourselves, so we don’t want to make them for you. So enjoy these Calendars and then pass them on when you decide to purchase another design in the future. Any and Every Year is a fine time for a new Calendar.

GREAT Gifts. Our first printing will take place in early November and the planned shipping is in Mid / Late November so that folks who might like these as a Christmas flavored item should have them with time to spare.

SHIPPING costs are changing every day, it seems, so these Calendars have to be sold and shipped individually as they cannot be combined with other items.

SO bear with us and help us get some nice items out to folks, and stick around to see what comes next!

GUYBURWELL Calendar Perpetual is a collection of our Fall Fashion women!

WYSTERIA Collection Calendrier Perpetuel is a collection of pieces from The Wysteria Collection, a private collection of fantasy fashion outfits. The Wysteria Collection is a part of the largest private collection of our original art. Fun.

JOJO Calendar Perpetual is the first JoJo product featuring the perpetually curious JoJo, guest starring Marley! Follow along on their adventures through foliage, on to Inner Space, the Outer Limits, the Fifth Dimension and Beyond! JOJO is a large and durable item and does cost more to ship and we are working on possible special JOJO EXCLUSIVE extras for each purchase. All JOJO subscribers are sure to enjoy a lifetime of perks for their fanatical amusement. You just know it! Let’s find out if that is true…together.


Also peep down the previous pages for our STANDOs  Art Show offering. SO much more fun to come!

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ALL 2019 / 2020 / 2021 ORDERS

Let’s see if this works for fun…

YOU might not know, or maybe you do if you ordered anything in the last year apart from some STICKO orders that:

ALL ORDERS contained a personalized original piece of art inside. A hand drawn color (in almost all cases) cartoon on archival natural stock paper with the character upon crying out in vendetta the name of their greatest tormentor. If you ordered a tube and didn’t receive an OG card like this, you missed yours. Cuz it was in there.

SO we would like for each lovely customer who received their card to post their card art in a nice tight shot on their INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK page with the accompanying hashtag #xogb19, #xogb20, #xogb21, or whichever date your card was signed. Often the hashtag is on the back but we might have missed a few backs.

IF you know a Friend who might have ordered or received something, let them know. We would like to see if we could grow the instances of these images across the socialsphere just to see what it might look like, all those cries for revenge.

Good luck on your mission. We know you can do it.