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Happy New Year / New Stuff

Good morning! Just a note to say Happy New Year and Thanks for all of the support over the last…interesting…year. Let’s hope the interesting things about THIS year are not the interesting things about last year.

Stay tuned for some new works in new directions in the coming months.

In the meantime we have precious few STANDOs left from our first round of editions as well as CALENDARS (Perpetual in nature and good ANY year, EVERY year, and suitable for purchase at any time). Poster are also dwindling, which is a good thing, and they can always use your aid in dispersal hither and thither.

We are trying to package and process some of our Archival Stock into Sets to facilitate them away from us and closer towards you with the goal of bettering all of our lives.

As usual IF there is something that you are looking for that isn’t “Perl Jahm” (we don’t have any) please do write and ask about it. We are usually happy to replay in as timely a fashion as is possible and we don’t even mind reminders.

Thanks again as always and, again, Happy New Year!


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Hi. There is NEW STUFF coming soon. Soonish.

If you are attending the INTERPOL / SPOON w/ Water From Your Eyes downtown Portland, Pioneer Courthouse Square Concert Series closer, two nights of performances Sept 17 and 18, you can pick up one of our new prints for the shows. 100lb Cougar Natural edition of 150 pieces and also 35 special Moon Lava Foil pieces in a small edition will be available at the show(s). It has been a long time since we have had a local show print and to be part of these public performances as Portland tries to dig it’s collective ass out of the landslide of societal horse shit is part of its own small reward. If you are attending either night of shows, check out the Merchandise Area for a print, or just to have an ogle. Of course don’t leave anything of value in your car anywhere in the ten square miles around Downtown Portland and keep your head on a swivel for any of a number of murderous lunatics roaming the streets.

BUT there’s MORE!!

In addition to the INTERPOL / SPOON concerts in Downtown Portland (see warnings above) we are also providing the Print Commemorative Celebration for the upcoming TREY ANASTASIO BAND performance at McMENAMINS’ EDGEFIELD in TROUTDALE, OR. on Sept 25th! TWO local performance prints in one month! What a return to relative glory! We are happy to participate and we hope that you are happy to enjoy yourselves at one of either or both of these shows. We hear that these young fellows in the Trey Anastasio Band make a talented noise and we plan to be in attendance to make sure they give you all of the tonal pyrotechnics that you all expect from any Troutdale performance events.

So there you go! We are just as happy to announce this stuff as you are to read it. More, even! More, for sure.

Stay tuned!! Images posted as they are Offically Dropped on all of the relevant Socials, as is the custom of the day, “God” help us all.


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New Post? New Post! New Post.

Hi there. Can you believe it? We narrowly avoided the takeover of the Earth by invading alien’s masquerading as Tax Preparers. Congrats on all of you who survived.

For the rest of you, it’s nice to announce that we will have a couple of new prints in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for the details!!

Sort of a tease. Sorry.


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Crystal Ballroom 25th Ann. w/ Beats Antique

A Poster for McMenamins Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon on the occasion of their 25th Anniversary. Featuring musical performances from Beats Antique. Congrats to the venue and crew and thanks for asking us to be involved in the festivities. Look for Color-Fun versions of this art in various McMenamins restaurants around town!
They might be offering 12 x 18 top notch digital prints in the Crystal Ballroom gift shop so check into that in person or online or through your special psychic connection to the universe.