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Back in Bidness

SO MAYBE we are close to being back in the swang of thangs, as thang swangers say.

Some months ago there were backend issues of the hackish kind and all of the ensuing issues thereof, and so some months later we have switched our hosting, discovered incompatible details, jumped a few guns, gotten ahead of ourselves and also created plenty of small avoidable problems for ourselves on the worst day possible; Sale Day.

BUT, and a big but, it’s all for the better as we were bloated and overstuffed. Our back ends were dragging and our front ends just were just too forthright for anyone’s good, least of all our own.

Two days’ hassle and some sweat and walks around the block have resulted in a leaner operation that might still need some tweaking around the edges. Definitely.

But I think we are back. I think. We received a great number of messages regarding the You Know What’s that people are interested in and we just might be able to do something about the situation fairly soon.

The MAILING LIST will hear all about it.

Hang in there.