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DonBot 45 Stickos for you!

This guy. Oy gevalt!

Portland own Infamous PECULIARIUM is offering some STICKO sets featuring a selection of designs from our DonBot45 “The Best Words” collection. Purchasing Stickos heals the World from the onslaught of Dum consistantly being foisted upon us by the Dimtellectual In Chief. Support who you want. Believe what you want, but there is little room for doubt about the Dumald as the evidumce is made clear each and every day.

Purchasing STICKOs also supports the ongoing efforts to Keep Earth Peculiar via THE PECULIARIUM and all of their efforts. Helps us help you help us to help them help you and us and themselves. It’s just that simple.

DonBot45 STICKOs are HERE.

More to come. Stay tuned!

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SO you might have noticed there is something happening here, and what it is ain’t exactly……obvious. That is a bit of humor paraphrased from Walk Hard, of course. What is happening here is very clear. We all know it.

Just a note like all of the other notes from all of the other places you have visited or whose Mailing List you might be on, we encourage everyone to do everything that is needed to be safe and sound in the face of this GLOBAL EVENT.

We can say it simply, and it really isn’t up for debate no matter your feelings on the issue. A Virus doesn’t care about your politics or religion. It doesn’t care about where you live or who you know. Communicable means just that. There is no argument or counter reasoning that anyone can apply that changes this. Wear a mask. Inhibit the path that the virus takes between us. Viruses and bacteria vastly outweigh humanity like stars outweigh Elvises and they already claim the known world in dominant fashion. We remain in existence by the simple nature of our understanding of their nature which is not up for debate. It just isn’t. Wear a mask. Do your infinitesimal but crucial part in the play, and play it well. The whole world is watching. And if you quit, the play is over and we lose our entire investment most probably forever.

Nothing like this has ever been seen on Earth. Nothing like this has ever been experienced globally by the human race since the Second World War and there are places affected by this that weren’t touched by that Global Event. Keep that in mind. Folks in France and Norway and Montana and Argentina are all in the same boat. The world was turned off like a light switch and apart from the horror and tragedy that has affected hundreds of thousands of folks who have had to experience the sickness and death, and a great many of us experiencing joblessness and fear and another portion merely experiencing inconvenience on a variety of levels, as a whole, we are all handling this very well. Remember: sense trumps nonsense.

Thanks to anyone who visits here at looking at art. Thanks to anyone who orders any prints. We can all use a little dough but make sure that you have what YOU need first. There’s no questions about that. You first. We are doing some minor things for other folks with minor portions of what comes in because it’s already a part of our daily happenings as it was before this thing ever made itself into all of our lives.

We are all safe and clean here and if you have any doubts about your order being clean and safe in this experience, consider just letting your tube sit by itself for two weeks in a quarantine of it’s own and then open it when the safety period has passed. Easy enough.

We have been including a personalized piece of original art in every order just  to show that we think of each person who has taken us into their thoughts and confidence by making an order. We appreciate your appreciation of what we do and we appreciate that you have other things to consider in your own series of life events.

Stay safe. Stay cool. Be cool. Encourage coolness.


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tedeschi trucks band richmond va ’20

We have just produced the show prints for the Tedeschi Trucks Band performance in Richmond, VA. and it was a fun one to create. We thank the band for their invitation to provide these gigposters and hope any interested parties find interest in this party. Adventure, America, Virginia, exploration, discovery, heart, music, soul and the Blues. We tried to get it all in there, and the operation was a success.

We have a 311 print coming shortly and will wait and offer them both at the same time in case anyone would like both, with the shipping is on, like, a consolidated tip, dig? Dig.



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Trey Anastasio Acoustic Carnegie Hall 2019

From their fingertips to your eyes. Or something like that. You get it.

For tonight’s show at the legendary Carnegie Hall, we wanted the poster to be especially elegant and classy. That’s exactly why I reached out to Guy Burwell. I find a lot of his illustrations to have a super cool stained glass type of aesthetic to them & his level of detail is impressive.
It was obvious throughout the whole process how much time & energy Guy was dedicating to this project. He sent me numerous, incredibly detailed sketches with different concept ideas, but ultimately, we were both very excited about this Tiffany Glass lamp concept.
The original Tiffany Studios was located just a few miles from Carnegie, so it seemed even more appropriate. As we dived deeper into the concept, I decided to provide Guy with the lyrics to ‘Pebbles And Marbles” – one of the few songs that initially debuted as a Trey solo song. He did an amazing job of incorporating some of the song’s imagery into the illustration. This poster is unbelievably gorgeous. The ink is so thick and stinky. I love it.”

These prints have some interesting qualities in person. Perhaps there are testimonies pro and maybe even con online that you can research. To each their own. So we will have more information on availability of some prints at a later date. Stay tuned!