Store Items Added

So there are a number of new SHOPP items being added each day.

Our new site will finally let us offer some odds and ends that have
been hanging around waiting to be listed. Rare prints, the very last
few prints of an edition, sketches, original arts, test prints, and
other items. Keep your eyeballs loose and lubricated to make sure
you catch what’s coming.

It’s super nice to finally be able to add some of these things we couldn’t
offer due to their scarcity here in our “inventory”. Many of these items
are available elsewhere on the “internet” though many of the pieces listed
here at are often the very lowest available numbers
in editions, the very last items we have in “stock”, or available here for the
first time since the edition was offered and we can be coerced into remarquing
many of these prints.

We will have a MAILING LIST UPDATE regarding this whole
mess when we have proper materials digested and listed.

Thanks as always for your interest.

Fight the Power!