JRAD Poster Prints Red Rocks 2018

We fucked up. It’s true. It happens.

When i say we, I mean a bit more than just the we that means “me” which only makes the stinging feeling the tiniest bit less irritating but not by enough to make any of it feel better.

When a poster is made it goes through several stages. Concept. Sketch. Approval. Second sketch and concept, sometimes. Edit. Approval again. Refine. Finish. Approval. This one had a few more steps than those, even. By the time it reaches the last part, everyone involved has seen the art three to seven times and it can become invisible to everyone that…the date has been incorrect the entire time. And it’s discovered by the artist three days after the posters have shipped and one day before they go on sale at the concert venue. Just a little out-of-the-way joint called RED ROCKS where no one has ever been interested in posters and music. Right.

Have you ever felt all of the blood drain out of your face and body to pool in your butt? No fun.

ANYway. All of the powers that be have been cool all along the way, and we hope regular folks can get over the sting like we are trying to get over it but it’s slow going. It still stings. It’s a cosmic poster, and maybe Time and Date are relative to your understanding and acceptance of a mass awareness of reality so you are pretty relaxed on the nature of “when”. Which is cool. Let’s all go with that flow.