justin townes earle

OLD STOCK and back catalog finds

In the process of cleaning up and combing through all of the remaining prints we have around, we are surprised that we are completely out of some prints that we thought we had at least one or two of. All that remains in many cases are a single studio test print or two. In come cases the folder holds the last two or three or four of some ancient thing much to our surprise.

With the desire in mind to send these all out to people who might actually enjoy them, we are posting them here available in many cases for what has to be the first time in a long time outside of a Flatstock or other poster show. This time next year, all of these remaining last two or three prints will be archived for well and good in a nice box, locked away.

We think the prices are right for selling these last few out so if you know someone who might like one of these prints, please let them know. Read the descriptions for any small details regarding the event or the condition of test prints or final studio prints just in case.