Last Few Tees / Folks Prints found

Good morning! How are you? Super. Really super. So just for fun and information, we put our last three or four tees shirts left onto the site. Anyone who has ever made tees knows how it is to have the last four sitting around all brand new still but unworn. So here they are. If you know anyone who loves broccoli and or carrots and is going around topless, consider them.

One thing about our tees, is that usually there are  dozen or less of any size/ design ever made so assuredly nearly no one is going to sporting your fashion. Stand out bold and underlined in a world that is increasingly appearing to be a simple matter of command C, command V.

We also came across two final matched sets of our FOLKS / BAND set on water color stock. That was surprising to find. The numbers are somewhere in the high teens for each set. They are on here, too.

If you like things, considering these.

Thanks, GB.C