primus 01

Primus Print / Prime Wood “Fun-Pak” Offered / Customers Skeptical!

We have a new Primus print that will be available shortly. Tomorrow? Tomorrow.

There are enough but not a huge amount, so if you would like one, we would getting yours as soon as the feeling strikes you. 4 colors and 16 x 21 inches in girth and depth.

There is also a small bundle of recent prints to save some folks some shipping. Last week’s Beachwood Sparks print is a print we enjoyed making and a great band we always enjoy enjoying over the last dozen years or so and more people should own one so here is a chance for that.

A “Beachwood Sparks / Primus 2 Print Fun-Pak” is also being offered in short supply. Check the Specials area. Matched numbers on those when possible. When possible.

Starting tomorrow. We hope. Noonish, West Coast.

Also we are out of shipping tubes just today so no rush in ordering.