beachwood sparks

New Beachwood Sparks Prints!

We are happy to have been able to do a print for Beachwood Sparks, a band that we have been a big fan of for  a good long time. They are touring for the first time in ten years or so behind the wonderful new record called The Tarnished Gold from the wonderful kids at SUB POP records.

The show here in Portland was last night, May 25 and the prints sold well at the show and the show was fantastic and now the prints are available here on the GB.c in VERRRY small amounts and also on varied stock.

(If you want to wait to order this print until JUNE 2nd, 2013, we will have another print being released that day and you can save some shipping if you are interested in both prints. There is no guarantee this print will still be around, but feel free to give it a shot.)

Production Notes for fun: We christened a new printing table and work area with this print and used a stack of paper stock we had handy that was made up of a varied pile of French Company paper stocks in various cream and off white tones and textures. Nice stuff in varied weights, too. Your print could have any of five or seven different paper stocks, all acid free, archival stuff, so what it will be will be a surprise. All signed and numbered, we think of this batch as extra crafty. Some even have some printing flaws that we are leaving in the batch for charm. It is also the first print from a new press table, so that is kind of fun, too. These prints will only be available to our Mailing List and all will be notified.