Sparks Lady rough 1

Portland, Primus, Melvins and more!

Hi. You don’t care, but there are a few things going on around our studio/house/bunker/ranch/moon base that are interesting to us and since we have a website we are going to say some of it out loud: There are a couple of small projects that are near to finished that will be minor milestones for us.

One item is that a new era of printing is starting shortly. By this we mean that a new small press is being christened so until the next location change, this will be the beginning of short hand-pulled runs from this new ‘house’. Our first inclination is to offer these items exclusively to our Mailing List. So that will probably be the case. More info to come.

The next item is just for fun, but if you were at any of the UNIDA shows in Australia, you would have had the opportunity to purchase of the tee shirts that they had available. After working with Kyuss Lives! we were happy to work with Maestro John Garcia on a small design for a quick batch of tee shirts. Following his personal art direction, we did a concise item that looks super and gets the point across. A delightful experience, in the parlance of the day. Maybe they will have some left later for online sales.

SO that is about it for now.

New stuff includes a print for the Portland show by Beachwood Sparks, a long time favorite of ours and a print for the upcoming Primus tour for a city to be revealed later! A print for the Melvins’ upcoming 30th anniversary tour is also planned and also the item below.

Oh yeah, there is also something coming that will blow your minds for decades to come. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you are into collectable prints and stuff, so…

Anyway, have FUN today!