Muse, April 2013, Posters and Sets

If you attended the Muse shows in Montreal and Quebec City, your VIP package contained one of these signed and numbered gig posters and that was the only way a person might get one. Until now (dramatic musical cue….)


And now, our very few of these prints are available here in the Shopp.

Because we have a rare opportunity to have a set like this, all at once, we are making matched numbered sets available to folks who might like this option. If they don’t sell as sets after a period, the individual prints will be made available.

Check out the SHOPP area for the prints and sets or use the search doohickey up yonder.

(Because the Blue Edition is substantially fewer than the other two editions, this is the only way to obtain matched number sets without hiring private detectives to track down all of the people at all of the shows.)

muse set