“Folks” News

You don’t care, but two years ago we had an art show and brought our first three editions of Folks, The Jazz, The Jam, and The Italians (with titles by Malleus!) out into the world and the idea was to find these fine figures homes out there in our world, on shelves and desks and on windowsills and next to plants and on that book case near the door in your houses. The other door. To find them homes so that there would always be someone you could turn to and say what you really mean, or a shelftop ensemble to back you up with a cool groove, dig? Dig.prince sandobal wood

Anyway, it’s a celebratory days as two of our fine Folks have finally seen their entire edition find homes out there in bigger world.

It appears that the world has determined that above all concerns, it wishes for a groovy backbeat. Thunder, our rock’n’roll man on the skins, and Price Sandobal, the Latin King of the Jazz bass line swing are the first two editions to find themselves fully sold out.thunder wood

We will have the rest of our Folks available here online in the near future and maybe we can help them all find nice homes.