‘Historical Documents”


Wow. Last episode we mentioned the sorts of things we have found lurking in the depth of studio archives and this morning’s reveal features two (really three) of those sorts of items (really four). These are the sorts of things that can appeal to not only low-brow art fans, but also to collectors of an artist’s history. In this case, it is our history, of course. If antiquity is your thing, these are definitely part of our early development in the world of screen printed artworks.

First up is five minty studio extras of our early art print “Six Barrel Shotgun”, titled after the BRMC song. The art was taken from a poster created for a cancelled BRMC show back in 1842. The art was lovely so we produced some art prints at Diesel Fuel Prints, loooooong before we were printing ourselves, and the edition sold out reasonably soon after. These prints are not numbered but are the same edition and in perfect condition, held flat in a plastic sleeve between cardboard slabs in a box of extra prints that hasn’t been opened in years. Surprise. Next…

young jaguar

“Young Jaguar” was one of our very first prints. Printed at Diesel Fuel Prints in 2004, the subject was the guitar player Futoshi Abe (RIP) of the band Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (one of our very favorites) and was titled after one of their songs. As with the print above, these were discovered in a box of retired stock, kept nice and flat and as near to perfect as could be expected considering. These last prints are the lowest numbers 002-007. Peace on earth.

One of the other prints is another of our very first art prints, nicknamed “Funky DJ” it features a funky figure triptych in two tones of golden yellow/brown. Numbered out of 80, they were printed by Doug Barker, king of the So. Cal. gorilla band scene, and are so old we don’t have a digital preview. These 5 x 16 ish inches prints will be given away in upcoming contests and promotions for fun.

staplegun mayhem

The final item was surprising, too. This is our first ever screen printed image. From an edition commissioned by fellow artist Jeral Tidwell in exchange for a painting we had made of the very same image, this is the item that started our adventure into screen printing. It’s Artboy’s fault. Now you know. This one final print of this edition is #088/100 and will be given away in a contest to be held shortly just for fun. Stay tuned!

We are sure there are more things to come.