Stock Offerings.

You don’t care, but it’s funny and fun to go through all of the studio stock, every print that is viewable for most every design; stock, test prints, proof prints, color tests and doodads and whatnots. It’s a lot to go through and there are a number of surprises where two or three of an old print show up and make themselves available practically, if not always, as if minty fresh.

melvinsSome of the prints offered as of this date, posted here for the first time online in years (through our site) are the very last of two or three that are here in the studio stock. Prints remaining here in the studio after countless Flatstocks, art shows, print shows in Europe and Canada and all over the USA where they might have traveled. These are referred to as “studio finals” and though they might not be the lowest numbers of the editions, (though some are often the lowest) they are the last of the prints, the last of the numbered, editioned prints, we own.

Some of the older stock may have traveled a great deal and might show a bit of their history around the edges but we wouldn’t offer for sale anything we didn’t think would warrant showing. Look for notes in any print offer referring to condition.

A certain number of print editions have been retired from being offered for sale and won’t be offered again regardless of remaining stock.

Once we catch up on almost everything we can find to include, it should be the one time that every possible thing was concurrently available to so many folks. It’s a weird batch of stuff, right?

We hope it’s fun to see. It’s fun for us to see.