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Dirty Heads anniversary Special

In cooperation with the Dirty Heads we are offering a little something something (as all of the kids are saying these days). The info will be primarily spread through the Dirty Heads Organization’s Information Dissemination Apparatus and if you are reading this, that means it all worked! Congratulations.

SO it’s simple. We have a small package that contains: ONE of our DIRTY HEADS CONEY ISLAND, and ONE of our DIRTY HEADS DALLAS prints, both signed and doodled AND our ORIGINAL FIRST DRAFT SKETCH of our CONEY ISLAND ART (approx 4 x 8 inches in pencil and marker on paper), also SIGNED.

HERE is the LISTING for this SET

We are going to do a SET PRICE for the package at a nicely affordable $80.00 (plus shipping) for everything with ALL of the PROCEEDS going to THE HUMANE SOCIETY (our local Portland, OR chapter) where we adopted our two worthless lazy freeloading box-pooping roommates, Harold and The Other One.

The PRODUCT LINK will go LIVE around NOON on TUESDAY, West Coasty Time, available to the first interested customer.

If you enjoy things, we hope you enjoy this.


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2019 FESTIVAL PRINTS and Two-Pac Special

Hey, man, what’s happening? Far out. Hey listen, so we just posted the two recent prints that we made for WELCOME TO ROCKVILLE 2019 Festival and also SONIC TEMPLE 2019, the festival. Reasonable priced, these two editions are crazy small and avaiable now!

AS an added possible choice for you, the Greatest Human(s) Ever, we have made a few sets of matched number prints available as a set for an even better price. So if you are interested in one print or two print or three prints or two sets in one single set of two, you have that choice. In America.



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Mmmmm not too much NEWS to relate at this juncture. We went from ZERO pending work, which was really nice to contemplate for the five minutes that it lasted to SEVEN solid projects all happening at once. There are posters and…posters, and sort of murals and magazines and interviews and posters and posters and even a poster or two in the works. SO stay tuned. 2019 is off to a weird start! Hooray for weirdos!!

Not you. Other weirdos.